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Louie is a mage student of the mage academy, and adoptive son of the director. But still, he sucks at magic. Instead, he has abilities for drinking, flirting and fighting in taverns. One day, he meets a party of girls (a priestess, a warrior and a thief) looking for a mage to join them to open a ruin entrance, but they absolutely rejects him due to his pathetic magic skills. But he refuses to be rejected, and then he tries to join them by force, only to interrupting a sacred ritual of Melissa (the priestess), revealing Louie as her master. Now, as the will of god Miley says, they have no choice but to accept them, and here begins the whole new adventure for this "mage" Louie, a brawny student at the mage's guild, is reluctantly accepted by three girls (Merrill-thief, Genie-fighte

Latest Episode: Mahou Senshi Louie Episode 24

Episodes: 24

Status: Completed

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