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In the magical place called Jewel Land, the magicians turned the Jewelpets into Jewels so they can travel to the magic forest but with the exception of Ruby, a white rabbit who likes to goof off. But then a strong wind blew the stork and the jewels were spilled, scattering them across Takaragaseki City on Earth. Ruby, now being punished, is sent to Earth to retrieve her friends. On Earth, a student named Rinko is on her balcony observing the night sky and saw a group of shooting stars and one of them falls into her water glass to become a red jewel. The next day she and her friend Minami was saved by a guy named Keigo Taitō from a jewelry store robbery. He then explained to them that he's working from a special organization which is linked to the magicians of Jewel Land and told them about

Latest Episode: Jewelpet Episode 12

Episodes: 12

Status: Completed

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