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Remi lives with his mother in a French village. His father, Barberin, works in Paris. When he returns wounded and hard-hearted, Remi discovers he is actually a foundling. Barberin sells Remi to a traveling artist, Vitalis, and his animals troop. Heart-broken Remi leaves his home to face the hardships of a traveling artist's life. In Vitalis Remi finds the father he lacks. On his way Remi meets a kind rich woman and her sick son, who are actually his real mother and brother. Though life with them is nice, Remi, not knowing the truth, chooses to leave with Vitalis. Tragedies strike one after another to leave Remi alone with the faithful dog Capi. Between staying with a family of gardeners, where he gets attached to the youngest mute daughter Lise, and traveling with his best friend Mattia, e

Latest Episode: Ie Naki Ko Episode 51

Episodes: 51

Status: Completed

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