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Lately, Hamtaro has been having a strange dream. In the dream, a beautiful princess hamster tearfully asks for help. Hamtaro can’t forget about her, even when he’s awake. One winter day, Laura talks to Hamtaro. She tells him that everyone in the family is going home to her father’s hometown. When Hamtaro tells his friends about it, Maxwell pulls out a Ham-Ham source book. It’s a book on old hamster history. According to the book, there is a “homeland” for hamsters called “Hamja Kingdom”. When the Ham-Hams build a sand castle and recite a spell exactly the way it is written in the book, they are whooshed to the Kingdom. When at last the hamsters reach the bustling Hamja Kingdom of hamsters, the popular King Hamja, the Mini-Hams that they’ve met before in Ham-Ham Land, and many jar spir

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Episodes: 1

Status: Completed

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