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The plot of this OVA is a rough adaptation of the first four chapters of the Guyver manga. It covers the same basic elements of these chapters; Genesis of the guyver, Fight with Vamore, Fight with Guyver 2 and the introduction of Guyver 3. Main differences are the exclusion of Tetsuro and his replacement by Mizuki, The replacement of Lisker with a female Agent "Valcuria", and thus a female Guyver 2. There is also a look at Sho's psychology of how he deals with his situation including a very harsh moment where his friends are assassinated in cold blood. One night, high school student Sho Fukamachi discovers a mysterious metal object. Then in a blinding flash of light, Sho finds that he has accidentally fused with the Guyver, a mecha of mysterious alien design. Now, to save h

Latest Episode: Guyver: Out of Control Episode 1

Episodes: 1

Status: Completed

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